Declaration of finance

Copy and Paste the Following form to a Word document. Fill out and send back with other required paperwork. 

Declaration of Finances

You are required to certify that you will have available the sum (total for all course you plan on attending) of $_________ (U.S.) to pay for your training program.

I,__________________________, certify that the total amount of money that I have available for my training at Ocala Aviation Services, Inc. is $___________(U.S.)

Please indicate your financial support:

Savings $ __________________________

Your Government $ __________________________

Family $ __________________________

Friends $ __________________________

Other ____________ $ __________________________

Total $ __________________________

* Student must provide a bank letter stating Savings Account total in U.S. Dollars.

EMPLOYMENT: I am not permitted to work or engage in business unless I have
permission to do so from the Immigration and Naturalization Services. 

Student Signature: _________________________ Date:__________________________