Congratulations on your decision to use Ocala Aviation for your flight training needs. The following steps will help you through the application process.

Quito Students follow this link for special instructions

International Student Admission Process

Please review all steps required for the admission process. After reviewing steps, please sign bottom of page and proceed to Step 1. 

Step 1. Choose a program / programa

Step 2. Fill out Application

Step 3. Pay the enrollment fee 

         All international students are required to have an I-20 Form in order to obtain an M-1 visa. 

        A student fee of $500 is required for Ocala Aviation to generate, complete and send your I-20 form to you.

        The fee can be paid with Credit Card or PayPal by clicking the Buy Now tab or through wire transfer.

Step 4. Request TSA clearance

        All students wishing to attend flight training in the United States, must first go through the

       TSA Flight training request process. Please follow link for instructions on how to complete the TSA process.  

       Government fees applied.​    TSA Instructions Link

Step 5. Send a copy of your Valid Passport

Step 6. Complete Declaration of Finance form
        The US embassy requires potential students to prove that they have the money necessary for their training.

        Please fill out the Declaration of Finance Link form so that Ocala Aviation can ensure that you have the money for your training.

Step 7. Complete Policies and Procedures Agreement

        Ocala Aviation's Policies and Procedures is based on each students specific program.

        Once the student has completed the above Steps, we will send you a copy for you to review. 

        Please read and return signed page along with your tuition.

Step 8. Request M-1 Student Visa

       Once we receive all the above items, we will send your acceptance letter along with the I-20,

       confirmation of your enrollment and a list of all documents you need to take to the embassy

       for you to apply for your visa. Once you receive this form go to and pay the fee of $200 to SEVIS.

       SEVIS is the US government agency in charge of International Students. 

        Next go to ,fill out the form and pay the fee of $150. This is for your visa application.

        Keep receipts of your payments made. Then set up an appointment with the U.S. Embassy/Consulate in your

        country to receive your M-1 visa. 

International Admission process